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Sombra is a well trained, fun to ride Columbian Paso Fino mare with rich buckskin color and no white markings.  She is performance gaited and very responsive to clear but soft hand, seat and leg cues.  (Performance Paso Finos  have showier movements, quicker feet and higher energy levels than pleasure gaited horses.) We have taught her the Seven Parelli Games.  

For the past 4 years, she has been ridden primarily by our 17-year-old niece and myself, a 61-year-old male.  This summer, our 12-year-old nephew from Los Angeles partnered with Sombra for horsemanship and riding lessons and was delighted to ride her on his very first trail rides.  Sombra thrives with calm, confident riders possessing intermediate riding skills.

She can be a bit shy around new people, but if you take the time to become acquainted, she'll walk up to you in the pasture to say hello.  She is exceptionally tidy and requires less grooming than most horses.

Sombra has good conformation, weighs approximately 800 pounds, and at 13.1+ hands (barefoot), she is easy to get on and off of for us mature folks who are not as agile as we were in our youth.  We ride her barefoot in the outdoor and indoor arenas.  On rocky trails we use hoofboots on her front feet.  She is well socialized with other horses, spending most of her non-riding time in a mixed herd of mares and geldings.  Her herd friends include  Gabby, Escondalo, Rosa and Diosa.




Sombra, ridden by our nephew Andre, on a trail ride at Bald Hill Park, Summer 2013.  She is accustomed to being ridden in outdoor and indoor arenas, as well as on trails.  She will walk down the trail on a loose rein or she'll move out at medium speed corto or a faster largo when asked. 



Sombra has a talent-rich pedigree, including famous horses such as Terremoto de Manizales, Rescate Del Ocho, Maria Luisa, Florete and Capuchino--one of the most decorated Paso Fino stallions of all time.  Before we purchased her, Sombra produced a number of foals.  The first time we saw her, she had a very nice dark buckskin colt at her side.  The next time we saw them, he was a handsome 2-year-old and over 14 hands tall.

Sombra was foaled in 1998, is registered with the Paso Fino Horse Association and is micro-chipped.  Price:  $1,500 OBO.




Sombra and Gabby walking in the snow, Winter 2013.

Sombra saying hello to Dave, Winter 2013.


Here you can see Sombra being longed and ridden by Maya, a 14-year-old riding student, who has recently begun riding Sombra:

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