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Gaby is a friendly Columbian Paso Fino gelding who is often the first horse to meet us at the gate.   He has a white star, a small amount of white marbling along his spine and no white on his legs.

Like his famous grandsire Capuchino (#1 sire eleven years in a row and Top 10 Sire for 21 consecutive years), Gaby is a chestnut that is larger than average for this breed, at approximately 1000 pounds and just under 15 hands high.  Three of Gaby's great-grandsires are also Top 10 Sires:  Resorte Cuarto (3 times), Belmonte (5 times), Plebeyo (13 times). 

This guy is pleasure gaited. (Pleasure Paso Finos have a more relaxed way of moving compared to their performance gaited kin.)  Depending on what the rider asks for, he will walk, corto, trot, largo or canter, making him a five-gaited horse.  In the indoor or outdoor arenas, he is usually the first horse we put confident beginning riders on.  The summer of 2013, Gaby was our 9-year-old nephew's partner for horsemanship and riding lessons. 

Outside of arenas and on trails, he is best suited for calm intermediate level riders who use clear but respectful hand, seat and leg cues.  We ride him barefoot in arenas and on the trails.  His long walking stride can cover a lot of ground out on the trails. 

Well-socialized with other horses, Gaby spends most of his non-riding time in a mixed herd of mares and geldings.  His herd friends include Escondalo, Sombra. Rosa and Diosa.  We have taught him the Seven Parelli Games.


Gaby and Demario, Summer 2013



Gaby was foaled in 2000 and is registered with the Paso Fino Horse Association.  Price $1000 OBO.




Gaby and Maggie, Fall 2013





Maggie and Gaby, Winter 2013   


Gaby gaiting across a field, Fall 2013.                       

        Here is a video taken of Gaby in early October 2014--being longed and ridden by Dave.  It appears here as two videos since we were interrupted by a full camera.                


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