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Escondalo is a golden lineback dun Columbian Paso Fino gelding (registered as a buckskin) who receives a lot of admiring comments regarding his striking appearance when we are riding the trails.  His dark-colored mane and tail are elegantly frosted with golden highlights.  He has no white markings.  He is a stout 14 hands and weighs 900 pounds.

This boy is very spirited (high brio), extremely quick and performance gaited.  He is sensitive, intense and highly intelligent, and thrives with calm, experienced horse people who value and appreciate these qualities in their horse companion.  He is easy to work with from the ground if you know how to handle this type of horse.  When he trusts you, he will give you his foot with a light touch on the leg or by just pointing at his hoof.

We have taught Escondalo the 7 Parelli Games.  Calm, confident advanced beginning riders possessing good balance and clean but soft cues can ride him in arenas he knows.  In other settings, he thrives with calm intermediate or advanced riders who value a spirited, smart and sensitive horse.


Escondalo and Diosa  



Escondalo has close relatives that have been prominent show winners in the USA and Columbia, including several of his siblings who have  been National Champions.  Genetically, he is 25% Patromonia del Ocho, 25% Amadeus and 25% Nevado--three stars of the breed.

Escondalo is a very special horse. He has been, along with his Uncle Vigilante de United, Dave's pride and joy.  The only reason his being offered for sale is due to the arrival of the 10 Puerto Rican horses.  He is the lead horse of a mixed herd of geldings and mares that includes Rosa (his best friend), Sombra, Diosa, Gabby and two Puerto Rican fillies, Muchacha and Princess.

From Escondalo's new owner, who also purchased Escondalo's best friend, Rosa. 

June 24, 2016: "He went on his first trail ride two weeks ago and he was amazing!  I see why he was Daves trail horse."

July 26th:  "Escondolo had a massage last week.  Since then. I have been working with him relaxing him before and after I saddle him.  He is for the first time truly relaxed, walking quietly, head down Long neck lines and now I only have to use light rain soft hands and yielding to very subtle leg pressure.  I love this boy!  He is an amazing horse.  So sensitive and responsive.  Of course I love Rosa also she is so calm and gentle. Feeling Grateful to Dave and Chris for selling me these fine horses!"

January 16, 2017:  "Escondolo was so amazing and he loved the water.  Rosa went through the water and took a little more patience and support.  They both are just continuing to grow in their connectedness to me and in their ground training. Thank you, Thank you Thank you for these wonderful little horses!" 


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