Royalty's Prince Vaho



In between school and other activities, Maggie has been working to get Vaho under saddle.  She has found him--as we all have--to be a delightful stallion to work with.  He learns quickly and has taken all the training calmly.  He accepts new situations and new people with interest.  For example, we had a group of about ten  4Hers/family members who came to visit our facility.  Vaho charmed everyone who shared his stall by saying "hello" to each person.  His beauty and personality are a great combination!

Recently, Maggie rode him on his first "trail" ride--right here on our farm and he proved once again to take all his "firsts" in stride. 

Here he is ready to head out from the round pen into the field and beyond for his first adventure on the trail.




Maggie and Vaho set out across the field on a beautiful almost-the- end-of-summer day.



Vaho prepares to jump a narrow dry ditch--his first jump under saddle.


And here he is in mid-jump.  What a pair!


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