La Rosa Linda del Nino (SOLD--See notes below!)




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 Rosa, a sweet natured, sure-footed  6-year-old Bay mare.




  We are happy to say that Rosa was sold to a delightful new owner here in Oregon in late 2015. Here's what she has to say about her first Paso Fino: February 19, 2016:

 "Well little Miss Rosa is so awesome.  I ride her about 5 days a week sometimes more.  We are taking lessons 2 times a week. She looks forward to our rides and gets rewarded by being turned out in the arena to roll at the end.  Everyone loves her.  She is really mastering the largo.  She used to be pretty goosey with legs on her side and now she is accepting.  She is learning quarter turn and refining turn on the haunches."

  June 24th"Rosa had her first trail ride 1 month ago and she is unflappable!"


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